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I think selling a home can be a lot like dating. You only get one chance to make that first impression. And in today’s world, that first impression is online. People’s decision to buy a home is based on their emotional reaction (They “LOVE” it!) and then they justify that decision logically (“it’s only 3 miles from work” or “it’s in just the right school district”, etc.). If the buyer doesn’t like what they see, they’re moving on and quite possibly won’t ever come back. That’s why I put a lot of emphasis on your marketing. Here are some of the things I do to help get your home SOLD!

Staging: I always recommend your home is staged in one way or another. Sometimes we can use the furniture you already have, other times it might be best to bring in all new items and other times we might be able to mix and match. Either way, staging gives the eye something to focus on in the pictures and helps the buyer imagine if their own furniture might work or what a room could be used for.

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Professional Photography: Once the home is staged, professional photography is what we use to present your beautiful home in the best way possible to try to get that emotional response from our buyer and make them want to visit your home.

Matterport: I offer 3-D virtual tours on all of my listings. People are busy and they don’t want their time wasted. So being able to virtually “walk” through your home helps remove the buyer’s question of “what’s on the back side of the camera lens”.

Matterport Link: 706 136th Pl Ne #C5, Bellevue, WA 98005 (

Videography: On many of my listings I use a motion virtual tour to walk the buyer through your home with music in the background. Videos are one way to try to keep the buyer’s attention set on your home.

here is the link to my Virtual Tour:

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Online Marketing: Now that your home is staged beautifully and we have great looking pictures, it’s time to spread the word. I make sure your home goes out to all the big and small brokerage websites (I.e. Windermere, John L. Scott, Redfin, etc.) and in addition to that, my system broadcasts your home to over 350 additional non-brokerage websites!

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When you list with me, your listing will have Worldwide Exposure to over 700,000 agents in 130 countries and will be translated into 19 different languages!

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